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What is OnTime (OTO)?

OnTime (OTO) is an ERC-20 token deployed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Token Information
Protocol: ERC-20
Token Tracker: OnTime LogoOnTime (OTO)
Total Supply: 3,000,000,000,000 OTO
Decimals: 18
Contract Address:
Contract Creator:
Contract Source Code: Etherscan
Deployed: 2020-04-17 8:19:39 UTC

Source: Etherscan

Use Case

OTO is primarily deployed as an instrument for raising capital. See Roadmap for project overview. Expansion of utility follows the integration of OTO into the business ecosystem of foundation-affiliated firms.

How Do I Buy OTO?

OTO can be purchased peer-to-peer, i.e. from individual token holders or through an exchange platform. Alternatively, investors may contact the Foundation directly. See Pricing Table for updated pricing information.