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"The best way to predict the future is to create it." Overview of proposed project milestones.

Fund Raising

OTO tokens issued (Dec 2019)

Wallet Support

OTO support on ERC-20-compatible wallets

Native OTO support

Token Listing

Listing OTO on decentralized exchange

Listing OTO on centralized exchange

Eco Construction Initiative

Residential development, Malaysia

Hostel development, Russia

Urban development, China

Renewable Energy Initiative

Hydropower project, Myanmar

Hydropower project, Nigeria

Reforestation Initiative

Northern Alberta, Canada

Lake Chad, Africa

Waste Management Initiative

Industrial waste management, UK

Bohai Bay, Tianjin, China

Investing in waste management facilities

Telecommunications Initiative

Help establish global broadband internet access with satellite technology

Urban Development Long-Term Program

Developing smart buildings in capital cities

Developing hostels in university campuses

Developing trade centers in strategic locations

Water, Air & Energy Long-Term Program

Hydropower project, Borneo

Establishing underwater power cable to neighboring countries

Underground water project accross Central Africa

Establishing manufacturing plants for air purifiers

Establishing manufacturing plants for micro-solar units

Oil & gas exploration, extraction and rifenery, Myanmar

OTO Utility Expansion

Integrating OTO into the business ecosystem of Foundation-affiliated firms

Dividend Payout

Dividend payout in ether (ETH) to OTO token holders

Collaboration with In Time Foundation

Real Estate Investment

Education Joint Venture

Mobile App Development

Note: Roadmap is subject to change with circumstance without prior notice. Projects may be conducted non-linearly.